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Week beginning 7 June 2020

Update from St Laurence's - There will be a video update from St Laurence's which will be available on our website, under the ‘Sunday Services' section: 

Ludlow Tower Magazine - The June issue of the Tower Magazine is now available on the church website, 

Charles Loewenthal RIP - Charles was born in Johannesburg, the second of three children of English parents. As a young man he came to London and it was from the University of London that he graduated with a degree in civil engineering and hydraulics following which he set out on a career as a loss adjustor.
He and Mary married in 1984 shortly after which they returned to South Africa. It was in May 2011 that they settled in Ludlow although Charles regularly returned to South Africa to visit family and friends. He continued to support the African people and the liberal movement. He loved living in Ludlow where he found many new friends and new activities. 

Charles was a quiet and humble man with an enquiring mind, an avid reader and lover of cricket and rugby. He was always helpful but preferred to remain behind the scenes. His Christian values led him to maintain almost daily contact with old friends in London who were in poor health. He will be sadly missed by all who were fortunate to have known him. 

Miranda Bertram (Curnew) RIP - It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the untimely death of Miranda, Brian and Tessa Curnew's daughter. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole family, including Miranda's husband Jack and their three young children. Further information will be included in the July Edition of the Parish Magazine." 

Thy Kingdom Come Pentecost online service - Did you miss the ThyKingdomCome Pentecost online service? If so, you can watch it here.

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Future proofing St Laurence's - Where there is a will there is a way !
Have you made a commitment to the future of St Laurence's in your Will? Almost all the greater churches, abbeys, minsters and cathedrals have a number of golden donors who provide a "living legacy" by giving to reduce their tax burden each year While that is for the few congregations are asked to underpin that giving by leaving a sum in their Will.

St Laurence's does not have any golden donors to support us. However you could leave us a legacy in your will to maintain the mission work we do in Ludlow and give us funds to maintain and preserve the wonderful fabric of the church. We have had several legacies in the past 2 years which have been most timely and needed. There are PCC guidelines on donations in place that will ensure your legacy is used appropriately for the benefit of the church and congregation. Legacy leaflets are available in the office. Please contact Kelvin or Peter if you want to explore how your legacy can be best used.

Light the Tower - Remember a loved one, for someone who has helped you or just do it to brighten up the town. Cost £30.00. The Tower will be lit up from dusk 8.45pm approx to 11pm. Email Nicky via the office with your request and a preferred date. We had our first lighting two weeks ago and have another booked in for June marking a very special wedding anniversary.

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Food Bank Donations - Donation points - Rockspring (11am-1pm MondayFriday), Tesco, Applegreen garage and both One Stop shops. Money donations - BACS (Sort code 40-30-30, Acc Nor 41276387); cheques (made out to Ludlow Baptist Church with "Food parcels" on the back) sent to: The Treasurer, Ludlow Baptist Church, Sandford Road, Ludlow SY8 1SX. Thank you.

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Music Notes by Michael Oakley Music Director

This week we celebrate ‘The Most Holy Trinity'. In this Medieval manuscript we have the representation of the Trinity, with the three dimensions of ‘God' - ‘Father'/‘Pater' ‘Filius'/‘Son' and ‘Spiritus Sanctus'/‘Holy Spirit' - at the corners of the triangle, with DEUS/‘God' at the centre. These are connected by ‘'is'/‘est' and ‘is not'/‘non est' to clarify the relationship within the the Trinity. For example, the Father is God, but is not the Holy Spirit. This image would have been a most helpful teaching aid during the Middle Ages, helping the faithful to understand something of the concept of Trinity.

In his online sermon, Andrew makes mention of the fabulous music of Olivier Messiaen, including his ‘Mystery of the Holy Spirit'. This is complex and demanding music to listen to, yet well worth the time, as there is a depth in Messiaen's writing that is unique. One of his most powerful choral pieces is the Eucharistic motet ‘O Magnum mysterium'. Like Andrew's organ piece, this music moves very slowly and deliberately, producing some extraordinary chords, with plenty of clashes along the way, together with different note lengths, unexpected leaps in the vocal line and repeated text. Despite this edgy style we reach a point of sublime resolution by the final phrase. You Tube link -
The idea of the Trinity has been a strong influence for composers for several centuries. Bach conceived his Prelude and Fugue in E flat major with the symbolism of the Trinity very much in mind. He puts these two movements at the beginning and end of his collection of organ music, the ‘Clavierubung'. Both movements follow the symbolism of the Trinity: in the Prelude the Father has a dotted rhythm, the Son a lighter, simpler idea, with the Holy Ghost as a more strident figure. The Fugue also has three sections, for Father, Son and Holy Ghost. All make use of a theme, which we would recognise as a hymn tune by Croft, for the words ‘O God our help in ages past'. The opening section begins majestically, each voice of the fugue entering to add depth to the texture. The next section is lighter with flowing quavers (shorter notes) which chase each other around the keyboard, with the main tune coming in as part of the mix. The final section is gloriously rich and confident in the writing, with the main theme appearing in the pedals most strongly as the music rises to its glorious conclusion.
You Tube link -
This performance is on the great organ of the church of St Bavo, Haarlem, an instrument that was built when Bach was alive and working!
But what of our own organists?! The parish must have still been recovering from Mr Pardoe's antics! We learn in December 1627 that ‘Edward Smith is appointed organist', though he didn't commence work until the spring. It seems that Walter Gibbs (who stepped in when Mt Pardoe left) was paid until March 1628, while Edward Smith was still being paid by Leominster Priory at the same time. It seems that Smith, who had been organist at Leominster since at least 1624, was also an accomplished organ repairer, maintaining links with several parishes where he had worked as organist, presumably going back to maintain their instruments. He continued at St Laurence's until the end of 1630, when he was succeeded by Edward Stanley. Nevertheless, despite moving to Hereford, he continued to visit Ludlow to service the organ until 1636 (and 1637 in Leominster).
Once again we have overlapping organists and presumably some lack of stability in the musical establishment of the church. What must our choir have thought?! As is often the case, clergy and organists come and go, but the regular congregation, including the choir, as the constant that keep things running.
After Edward Stanley gets his interim payments at Christmas 1630 and in March1631, he then moves onto a permanent basis as ‘organist', his final payment being at Christmas 1634. The churchwardens made an agreement with him for the repairing of the organ in 1632, though a year later the same agreement was with our old friend Edward Smith.
As we've found before, there is some sadness in the life of our organist, and we learn that in March 1633 twins were born to Edward Stanley and Magdalen. Though they were baptised in St Laurence's, sadly their names appear again only two days later in the burial register.
Unless I'm very mistaken, I suspect our choir and congregation will have gathered around and tended to the pastoral needs of this sad couple at their time of loss.
But let us not feel too sad and disconsolate as next week brings forth one of the great names of the musical history of St Laurence's Ludlow - one Berkeley Wrench.

Readings for the Holy Communion, 14th June 2020
1st Reading: Exodus 19.2-8a
2nd Reading: Romans 5.1-8
Gospel: Matthew 9.35-10.8
Psalm: 100

Please pray for the sick:
Mary Daniels, Jill Mason, Mary Gill, Hazel McCracken 

Please pray for the souls of the recently departed:
Miranda Bertram (Curnew), Charles Mark Loewenthal, Deborah Mary Smith, Roger Farmer

Please pray for those in need of pastoral prayer:

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