This Week's Notices

To download the sermon preached at Kelvin's Licensing by the Bishop of Hereford, click here.

18 June 2017, First Sunday after Trinity


Summer BBQ

Our network of volunteers, the St Laurence’s Angels, is so extensive that some of you never have the chance to meet each other, let alone socialise. Bell ringers, cleaners, welcomers and shop assistants, the list of roles and the people involved is seemingly endless. Kelvin is very keen that we have time to relax, meet each other and thank you for all that work that you do on behalf of the church. So please join us on July 15 at 3pm for a summer BBQ. All who help in any way are welcome. We are all part of one big family and we hope we can enjoy some time together.

Matthew and Sally’s wedding

We cordially invite you to our wedding on 5 August at 3pm. There will be refreshments in the church afterwards. No RSVP – please just come along. Matthew and Sally x

Organ Recital teas

We are looking for volunteers to help with the teas after organ recitals. It is really important to offer this hospitality to tourists and pilgrims, and it raises around £100 each time.  Anyone who is able to help please contact Carole Perrett 01584 879406

Contemplation Group at 6 The Snicketts, Portcullis Lane

11am Wednesdays.  Details from Helen Blyth 875041 or Pat Helm 877683

Antonia O’Kennedy has had a bad fall and cracked her pelvis in a couple of places, which is why she is on the prayer list. She has been in hospital but is now in a very superior nursing home where she is being well looked after and her daughter can easily visit her each day. She asked for the following message to be published: “I am delighted and humbled by people’s concern for me – it gives me a very warm feeling.  A very big thank you to you all.”

Church cleaning dates

The next ones will be on Monday 26 June 8.45–10.30am and Monday 10 July 8.45–10.30am.  There is a sign-up form on the Stewards’ Notice Board.  Thank you to all of you that help.

Upgrade to Onibury level crossing between Ludlow and Craven Arms (A49)

Network Rail plan to renew this level crossing and upgrade the track in order to prevent future road closures. Between Saturday 1 July and Sunday 9 July (inclusive) the road will be fully closed to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. Over the two weekends (1-2 July and 8-9 July), trains will not run between Shrewsbury and Hereford owing to the access required by Network Rail. Further information is available at and on the number 03457 11 41 41 or email


A sporting event will take place in Ludlow town centre on Saturday 8 July. On this day, please be advised that the following roads will be closed from 6pm-10pm: Castle St, High St, Broad St, Mill St, Camp Lane, Dinham, Dinham Bridge, Linney, Coronation Avenue, Corve St, King St. More information available at

This Week's Diary

Sun 25 Jun 2017

8am Holy Communion

9:30am Parish Eucharist

11:30am Mayor’s Service

Mon 26 Jun 2017

8am Morning Prayer

8:45am Church cleaning

10am Organ Practice

3pm Rector's tea time

4:30pm Evening Prayer

7:30pm Bells Practice

Tue 27 Jun 2017

8am Holy Communion

10am Thomas’ Preparatory School tour

3:30pm Toddler Group set up

4:30pm Evening Prayer

6:15pm Handbells

Wed 28 Jun 2017

9:45am Little Angels Toddlers' Group

10:45am Wolverhampton Girls High School tour

11:15am Toddler group clear up

12pm Holy Communion

Thu 29 Jun 2017

8am Morning Prayer

1pm Quiet time in preparation for Funeral

2:30pm Funeral Marie Jeremy

4:30pm Evening Prayer

5pm Choir Practice

Fri 30 Jun 2017

8am Holy Communion

9:45am Toddlers' group

11:15am Toddler group clear up

5:30pm Compline

6pm Organ Lesson

Sat 1 Jul 2017

10am Organ rehearsal and recital

10am Servers meeting

2:15pm Church tour

Sun 2 Jul 2017

8am Holy Communion

9:30am Parish Eucharist

11:30am Baptism

3:30pm Choral Evensong



Spring is a time of new beginnings - little lambs are born and gambol around the fields, snowdrops and daffodils poke their heads through the soil, and there is a promise of warm, sunny days ahead. New life makes us feel positive; we turn away from the grey winter days and we look forward towards the future, perhaps a different future to the one we've planned.

Too often people see Christianity as old fashioned, boring, even a bit embarrassing ... until things go wrong and they are struggling for something to support them, to hold on to, something to believe in.

Pilgrim is a course for people who are exploring the Christian faith - it isn't about persuasion but about thought and discussion. Come along and join us, search and find the answers.

For further information please contact as follows: 
John Perry on 01584 873755
or phone St Laurence's office on 01584 872073 and leave a message