Where there's a will...there's a way

Most of us would like to be certain that, after our death, our money and property will be given to the people whom we wish to help. You can help St Laurence's in this way by remembering us in your will, thereby providing for the future work of the church.

The best way to achieve this is to seek the advice of a solicitor, and to leave clear legal instructions in the form of a Will. You may wish to discuss the options available to you with one of our parish priests.

Your Will can be changed at any time, either by making a new one, or by recording the alterations in a Codicil.

When you die your estate will normally need to pay Inheritance Tax if your assets, including your home, are valued at more than a certain value. Gifts of money or any other assets that you leave to a charity under your Will can be made free of tax. The PCC and The Conservation Trust are recognised charities and your solicitor will be able to advise you of the tax advantages of leaving part of your estate to them.

Areas of work that with your help we will be able to support:

Unrestricted – allowing the Rector and Churchwardens to decide how the funds might be most effectively used in the ministry of the church at the time of your gift.

Music – providing long-term funding to ensure that the unique choral heritage and organ of St Laurence’s can be maintained and developed.

The Conservation Trust – helping ensure that the fabric of the church is maintained for future generations. If you would like clarification on any of the above, or would like to support any other area of work, please do not hesitate to contact us. Supporting St Laurence's, its ministry, music and fabric

Support through your bequests is welcomed by:

The Parochial Church Council - maintaining and developing the long tradition of Christian mission, ministry and worship in our community.

The Conservation Trust (registered charity no.1114678) - focusing on the restoration and development of the fabric.

The Music at St Laurence’s - the Choir, Sneztler Organ, Organ and Choral Scholars and Educational Outreach.

If you are considering making or changing your Will, please take legal advice.

Should you wish to make a bequest to St Laurence's the following suggested clauses may be of assistance to you and your solicitor: For a residuary bequest i.e. what remains after specific bequests to family and friends; for a specific legacy i.e. a fixed amount, a property or some other specific item. *Please insert the name of the charity that you wish to support:

“I bequeath to (charity name*) all (or ....share) of the residue of my estate
and I declare that the receipt of the Honorary Treasurer for the time being
or other proper officer of the charity shall be a sufficient discharge of the same.”

“I bequeath to (charity name*) the sum of £....... and I declare that the receipt
of the Honorary Treasurer for the time being or other proper officer
of the charity shall be sufficient discharge for such legacy.”

Please insert the name of the chairty you wish to support:

The PCC of St. Laurence, Ludlow

The organ, choir & music of St Laurence’s

The Conservation Trust (registered charity no.1114678)

The information contained in this leaflet is believed to be correct at the time of issue, but changes in law do occur from time to time, so you should seek professional advice on the current situation.

For further information on how you might help St Laurence's
or to discuss a potential legacy in confidence please contact:

The Churchwardens
No.2 College Street

Tel. 01584 872073