The Holocaust and Human Nature

The Holocaust and Human Nature

A lecture to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day
given by the Revd Dr Chris Moore

Date: Thursday 25 January 2018 at 10am - 12 noon
Venue:Ludlow Mascall Centre
Cost:£8 (including coffee during a mid lecture break)

The buildings and the ruins of Auschwitz are bleak, and to visit the site and understand what occurred is sobering. It is to look at evil, but it is also to remember that this was done by humans to humans. It raises questions about human nature, our bearing of the image of God, and our treatment of the ‘other'. It questions the notion of ‘progress'. This lecture will address these issues, their enduring lessons and quite how Nazi theologians managed to present a non- Jewish Jesus.

The Revd Dr Chris Moore is Rector of Fownhope, to the south-east of Hereford. He took part in a pilgrimage to Auschwitz with the Archbishop of Canterbury in January 2016 and this lecture springs from that visit.

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