Link Scheme

The ‘Link Scheme' exists with the aim of ensuring that every member of the St. Laurence's congregations, past and present, and anyone with close connections to the church, is offered a ‘link person' who is available to them.

Without being in any way obtrusive, the ‘link' will endeavour to be aware of any needs that might arise in the near or distant future.

He/She can offer friendship, support, practical help and links with others who can offer appropriate help, including the clergy - all this, only with the welcome agreement of the member concerned.

Of course, a great deal of this is happening day by day through the many friendships and
relationships that naturally bind the members
of the congregations together. The ‘link scheme'
in no way seeks to replace or devalue any of these:
it simply seeks to augment where necessary and to
try to make sure that no-one is missed.