St Laurence's reopening for private prayer

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From 16 June St Laurence's will be opening on certain days for private prayer as the second step in the return for St Laurence's to full access.

Private prayer will be in the Lady Chapel only. The rest of the church including the toilet are closed to all. There will be no opportunities to look around the other areas of the church for some weeks.

Entry is only through the South Porch.

Please use the available seats in the space. Please do not move seats or other items in the church to keep the space a safer environment.

You will be welcomed on Tuesdays from 12 to 3pm; Thursdays 4 to 7pm and on Sundays 10 to 1pm. Donations can be made in the church during these times. At all other times the church will be locked and secured.

Please be directed by the stewards on duty. Please do sanitise your hands on arrival and on leaving. If you wish to wear a mask please bring one with you. The church will not be providing masks. Please be aware some people in the church may not be wearing a mask during your visit.

Numbers in the church will be limited to meet the social distancing criteria and it will be clear where to go.

A reminder that the Parish Office remains closed at this time.

Church reopening