Shaun Ward to leave St Laurence's at Easter 2019

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After 12 years of loyal service to St Laurence's, Shaun Ward has announced his resignation as of Easter 2019. As many know, Shaun has various interests and during last year his new start-up company Shropshire Hills Distillery Ltd ‘Ludlow Gin' has taken off to the extent that he must focus solely on that.

During his tenure at Ludlow he has served the congregation and community faithfully in three roles: Director of Music since 2007, Clerk of Works since 2008 and more recently Church Executive Manager since 2015. His work has included overseeing the regeneration of choir and concert series, a major £1.5 million programme of conservation and redevelopment of the buildings, and more recently managing 7 staff, 150 volunteers and strategic oversight of the organisation.

Rector, Kelvin Price, said, ‘For the last twelve years Shaun has served the community of Ludlow with devotion and great zeal. We thank him for his commitment and wish him every success in his new venture. There are far too many accomplishments to thank Shaun for concerning his work at St Laurence's; more recently his successes have helped to complete the nave re-ordering, and securing both the Ludlow Festival Steinway Piano and the partnership with Lucton School to offer junior choral scholarships for choristers. His work has positively touched and affected the lives of many people throughout the town, and his legacies will surely continue to benefit St Laurence's and Ludlow for many years to come.'

Shaun Ward said ‘It has been an immense privilege to serve the community of Ludlow in various capacities at St Laurence's over the last 12 years. I will always have fond memories of my time at the church, and have cherished the opportunity to bring my energy to both the music and the conservation of the historic building. This last year has been something of a whirlwind since I first created Ludlow Gin: I'm looking forward to the future and the challenges that lie ahead.'