Appointment of Team Rector Designate

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Appointment of Team Rector Designate

The Venerable Colin Williams has been appointed as the new Team Rector Designate.

He writes as follows : -

"I am looking forward very much to coming among you in a few months' time to serve as Team Rector Designate of the Ludlow Team Ministry. I am writing now to help you know a little about me and about my background.

I am single. I love singing and have sung in choirs throughout my adult life. I also enjoy walking - and have been known to walk in Shropshire from time to time!

I am a son of the North West of England , born and brought up on the Lancashire coast in Southport, near Liverpool. After studying Law at Oxford, I worked for a number of years as a Solicitor in Wigan, specialising in matrimonial law. The sense of being called to serve Christ and His Church as a priest became stronger during those years and I moved on to begin training, again in Oxford, for the ordained ministry. I was ordained deacon and then priest in the early 1980s. I served initially in parishes in the City of Liverpool. I then moved to Lancashire and to the Diocese of Blackburn to serve first as Chaplain to the Bishop as well as to the Diocesan Retreat House, then as Vicar of Poulton-le-Fylde , a large market town just behind Blackpool - and finally as Archdeacon of Lancaster. The Lancaster Archdeaconry is a predominantly rural area and so while I was Archdeacon I also served as Diocesan Rural officer

Since 2005, I have been living in Geneva in Switzerland in order to serve as General Secretary of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). CEC brings together 124 institutional churches in almost every country in Europe - Protestant, Orthodox, Old Catholic and Anglican (including the Church of England). On the very continent on which the Church first came to know institutional division, it works to heal the wounds of separation which have beset us for too many centuries. CEC works too to encourage and enable the Churches of Europe to speak with a common voice to the European Union and to the Council of Europe on issues which affect the continent of Europe as a whole.

The time has come to return to my roots and to parish based ministry. I know myself to be enormously privileged that I do that in the context of the Ludlow Team Ministry as it experiences a time of great challenge but also of great opportunity. I look forward to getting to know you all. It is an exciting journey which we are called to share together. May Jesus Christ, who is the Lord of our journey, give us faith and courage to follow where he leads. May he be before us to guide us, beside us to sustain us, above us to hold us, within us to feed us.

Will you pray for me as I pray for you

With Love and Prayers in Christ Jesus

Colin Williams"

Colin's licensing as Team Rector Designate will take place in St. Laurence's on 25 July.