About Us

We are the Parish Church of Ludlow dedicated to St Laurence. We belong to the Church of England, part of the one holy, catholic and apostolic Church, and within that to the diocese of Hereford. The Church of England is established by law to be available to every man, woman and child in England. Therefore our duty and our privilege is to serve all the people of this town. Our doors are open to all who come to be in the presence of God, to know His peace, to worship Him, or simply to explore this beautiful building raised to His glory. We are first and foremost a worshipping community, maintaining a tradition of public worship in this place stretching back more than 800 years. Thereby we seek to proclaim the Gospel of Christ anew to each generation. Prayers are said here daily for the Church of God and the needs of His world.

Chancel reredos

Each Sunday we gather to celebrate through word and sacrament the Paschal Mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We meet Christ in the bread broken and the wine poured out which become for us his body and blood. So nourished we are sent out into the world in peace: to strengthen the faint hearted, to support the weak, to help the afflicted, to honour all men and women, and to love and serve God, rejoicing in the power of His Holy Spirit.

Our formal ministry includes the baptisms, weddings and funerals we conduct for the people of Ludlow; our involvement with St Laurence's Church of England Primary School, Ludlow Church of England Secondary School, and Ludlow College; and our ministry to Ludlow Community Hospital and to care homes. Through an ecumenical covenant, Churches Together Around Ludlow, we work with other Christian churches. We are not a cathedral, although the suffragan bishop of our diocese bears the title ‘Bishop of Ludlow'. However, we are the largest parish church in the Shropshire part of the diocese, and civic and diocesan services are held here.

We host concerts, organ recitals, plays and exhibitions. We are the home of the Ludlow Choral Society, and an important venue for the Ludlow Festival. We have links with the Anglican Church in Tanzania, and with the Lutheran Church in Germany through our partnership with the Paul Gerhardt Kirche in Langwasser, Nuremberg. We belong to the Greater Churches Group, a national family of major parish churches distinguished by size, architectural significance, number of visitors, and ministries reaching beyond parish boundaries. But our immediate church family is here: a group of parishes of which we are the mother church - The Ludlow Team Ministry.