Hire the Church


Located in the centre of Ludlow, St Laurence's church can be an ideal venue for your event - it is easily accessible and very near to the town-centre car parks and other amenities in the town. It is a large, adaptable building that can easily sit 400 and more in the nave, with smaller areas that can be used for a variety of events. Whilst the church is frequently used for concerts both during the day and in the evening, it is also used as a venue for talks, drama, films, wedding and funeral receptions, pop up restaurants, meetings and even for General Election hustings. A seating plan can be downloaded here.

What does it cost?
St Laurence's church costs approximately £1000 a day to keep the roof on and the doors open, ensuring that it is a welcoming place to visit - and events help to support the church and make it available for future generations.

Events also cost money to host - we appreciate that different events will have different sizes of audiences and fees may be varied accordingly - we try and reflect this in our charges.

A basic fee schedule can be downloaded below as a guideline but does vary from event to event - for more information please contact the Parish Office in Ludlow telephone 01584 872073, email office@stlaurences.org.uk

Is the date I want available?
St Laurence's is a busy place so we publish our diary to keep everyone informed - please see the calendar below and use it to check what is happening. If the date in the calendar is free there is a good chance that it is available but please don't assume - there may be an event not yet booked in or something happening in the church that prevents an event taking place. When you have found some possible dates then please contact the Parish Office in Ludlow - telephone 01584 872073, email office@stlaurences.org.uk

What is involved in putting on an event in the church?
Talk to us - we are used to hosting events in St Laurence's and can help you with the things that you need to think about. Our booking form provides us with basic information to get your event booked in and it will give you some guidelines. We also have a checklist which we will run through with you nearer the event - this ensures that nothing is missed.

What about advertising the event?
You are responsible for advertising your own event and we would advise you to get in touch with the various town websites and local newspapers. We can help by putting posters you provide in our A boards; we will also attach posters to prominent places inside and outside the church.

The church calendar on our website will list your event. We also encourage you to make full use of social media.

Terms and Conditions
To ensure the safety, success and enjoyment of the audience and all those involved, it is important that our terms and conditions are adhered to and these can be found below.

Our Booking Form
When we have agreed a provisional date with you, you will be sent a booking form to be completed and returned to the Parish Office.