Funeral Directors' Information


St Laurence’s is a very busy church with a lot happening within its walls every day. It is very important that every funeral or thanksgiving service should run smoothly, that the deceased should be treated with respect, and that their family and friends should be able to focus on the service and feel supported in their grief.

With the restructuring of the churches in this area we are no longer in a position to have a full-time parish secretary; this means that there is not always someone to answer the telephone to enquiries and there may be a delay before messages can be responded to. We are aware that this can be an issue for funeral directors particularly as crematoriums often want a very quick response.

We have put our Funeral Booking form on line – you can download it from HERE. This is the information that we need to book in a funeral – obviously you will not have all that information immediately and some of it may change, but please complete as much as you are able and email it back to us in a Word format – this will help speed up the process.

Our church calendar is displayed below. When looking on our calendar for a suitable slot please bear in mind that there must be a gap of time after one event, before a funeral, to allow the church to be prepared and for a period of calm. This should be at one hour.

To ensure that funeral arrangements are made as quickly and efficiently as possible, please:

  1. Check the St Laurence’s calendar on our website (displayed below) for availability of the church.

    • Remember to allow time between an event in the church and a funeral

  2. Complete as much as possible of the Funeral booking form and email it to:


  3. Allow time for your email to arrive and be responded to. If you need to speak to someone you can phone the church office number (01584 872073)

    • If no response then leave a message

  4. We will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours during the working week)

  5. Under normal circumstances, we will arrange clergy for the service. If you contact a member of the clergy directly, please remember that their availability does not necessarily mean that the church is available and their confirmation does not mean that the church is booked

  6. Following upon the church office’s contact with you, a confirmation that the church is booked will be emailed to you at the earliest opportunity

NB: The following parishes are no longer handled from St Laurence’s parish office. Please contact Sam or Grace as indicated. Thank you.

Ashfords Group

Sam Adams

Northern Group

Grace Johnson

Ashford Bowdler

07493 132802


07493 247184

Ashford Carbonel

Clee St Margaret






Stanton Lacy


Stoke St Milborough

Richards Castle

St John’s

St Giles

The Heath Chapel