Church Records


All enquiries about historical Registers should be made to:

Records & Research Centre (Shropshire Records Office)
Castle Gates
Shrewsbury, SY1 2AQ
Tel. 0345 678 9096



The following historical Registers are held in Shrewsbury:

General Registers : 1558 - 1755

Baptism Registers and Burial Registers : 1756 - 1812

Baptism Registers : 1813 - 1976

Burial Registers : 1813 - 1975

Marriage Registers : 1754 - 1976

Banns Registers : 1870 - 1917

Banns Registers : 1939 - 1970

Confirmation Registers : 1909 - 1965

Registers in current use are available for consultation. Applications for searches for St Laurence Ludlow should be made to:

The Parish Office
2 College Street
Tel. 01584 872073

It is regretted that there will sometimes be a delay in answering queries.

The cemetry in Henley Road, Ludlow is administered by:

Ludlow Town Council, The Guildhall, Mill St., Ludlow, SY8 1AZ
Tel. 01584 871970


Genealogical Records
The Parish Office of St Laurence’s has a record of current and recent registers of baptism, marriage and burials. The office is required by law to forward older registers to the relevant civil Public Records Office. In the case of St Laurence’s, this is Shropshire Public Records, at Shrewsbury.

The Ludlow Historical Research Group has an archive of local material and runs help sessions at Ludlow library.

Burial research
St Laurence’s Church was built in 1199 and from this time until 1820, burials were made in the churchyard. The churchyard was formally closed in 1854 and levelled in 1955. The St Laurence’s office has a record of most of the monuments and memorial plaques in the church but not of burials in the churchyard; the Shrewsbury records are the only ones available. There are some areas in the church (e.g. under the organ and possibly under the pew plinths) where full records have not been made.
From 1820 until 1900, the “new burial ground” at St Leonard’s (Lower Corve St) was used as the burial ground for St Laurence’s. There is a map and a record of all known burials recorded at this burial ground at the St Laurence’s office . These records are from a survey that was carried out in about 1980, although many stones were already partly illegible and/or damaged. All burials from 1900 onwards were made in the (municipal)  Henley Road cemetery , except for a few in existing family vaults.
Other research
Although Ludlow is in the  country of Shropshire, St. Laurence’s is within the Diocese of Hereford.  Many papers relating to the ‘religious’ history of St. Laurence’s (e.g. appointments of staff and Faculty records) are held in the Diocesean office at Hereford Cathedral, but older records have been transferred to the Herefordshire Public Records Office (in Hereford),  where they are available to the public.