Key People

In a church all members share some degree of responsibility for the proper functioning of the organisation. But as in any organisation certain key people guide, lead and carry out many tasks without which a certain degree of chaos would ensue. This section aims to highlight the various people who can be contacted about the various activities involved in the running of this church. Not surprisingly, there are some people who appear more than once: it is hoped that this will make it easier to find who does what than in a more rigid classification of categories.


The Clergy

These are the spiritual leaders
of our community but also
fully involved in the management
of the church affairs.

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Staff and Officers

There are a handful of
people who work mainly
behind the scenes to ensure
that this church functions smoothly and efficiently.

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Computer Desk


Music is at the heart our worship.

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These are the bishop's
officers who are the
leaders of the lay
people of the church.

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The Parochial Church Council
is the governing body
of the church. It consists of
the clergy, churchwardens,
members of synods and directly elected members of the laity.

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